Sunshine, warmth, relaxation and a refresh of the mind, body, and spirit are some of the highlights of summertime. For seniors, however, climbing summer temperatures also bring added health risks. But if you are willing to take some precautions, you can make the most of the summer and still stay safe with these fun activities for seniors!

Staying cool doesn’t mean you have to stay on the couch all summer under an air conditioner or in front of a fan. While the heat may limit some outdoor activities, planning for earlier or later in the day can ensure you’ll be in safe temperatures to enjoy everything you love about summer.

Outdoor Activities That Keep Seniors Cool

Enjoy a treat. What would summer be without ice cream enjoyed on a cool summer evening? Or homemade popsicles using fresh fruit, the perfect companion to an afternoon spent under the shade of a tree?

Simple observations. Birdwatching is ideal in the cool of the morning. If you desire something a little more active, consider a leisurely walk or bike ride, both of which are pleasant activities that can be enjoyed in both early morning or evening. You could also visit a botanical garden and spend a morning surrounded by natural beauty.

Start a hobby or daily ritual. Ideal summer hobbies perfect for early mornings include fishing, gardening or breakfasts on the patio.

Get competitive! In the cool of the evening, you can enjoy outdoor games like ring toss, pong, lawn bowling, or Frisbee. You could even hold an evening lawn games tournament to get friends and family involved. Split into teams and crown one team the ultimate outdoor champion. You may have a new tradition on your hands!

Express your creativity. If you’re feeling creative, morning and evening light are perfect for photography. Photographers refer to the first hour after sunrise and the last hour before sunset as the “golden hours,” which provide the perfect light for capturing stunning images.

Gather around the fire. Backyard fire pits on summer nights while roasting hot dogs and marshmallows are a relaxing way to enjoy an evening.

Expand your diet. Enjoy the freshest, in-season produce grown by nearby farmers at a Farmers Market. And look for meats, cheeses, honey and flowers from local vendors, too. You might be surprised at all the good stuff you can bring home.

Take a drive. Even if you don’t travel far, there’s nothing like driving to a desirable spot and watching a beautiful sunset. A scenic car trip to a winery, state park, a lake, a beach or just to meet up with your friends and spend a few hours with them would also be a great idea.

Spend time together. Since the grandkids are out of school, summer is a good time for an evening family get-together!

Rising temperatures don’t have to take the fun out of summer. Adjust your schedule to spend the season doing what you love.

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