“Will I be asked to leave my home?”

Richard is 98, has chronic COPD, uses a walker, and relies on his oxygen tank to breathe, yet found himself asking this question and fearing what may happen if he could no longer afford to live at his beloved Bethesda home.

Richard has lived a full life. After serving his country proudly, he married the love of life, Ruth. They had 4 children and Richard worked hard to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. Together, he and Ruth created a home full of love, life, and laughter.

When the time was right, Richard and Ruth were excited to retire and enjoy life at Bethesda. They spent 15 happy years in their Bethesda home until Ruth peacefully passed away after a long battle with pneumonia.

Shortly after, Richard realized that he couldn’t keep up with his everyday expenses and escalating medical bills on his fixed income. He was sure he’d be asked to leave his Bethesda home – a home he had grown to love. He found himself scared and thinking, “I don’t want to leave – where would I go?”

Thankfully, because of compassionate and generous people like you, Richard was able to stay in his Bethesda home without the fear of being asked to leave!

Richard is among the many residents benefiting from your support of the Humanitarian Care Program. Thanks to you, residents who have outlived their financial resources will never be asked to leave.

Your support has never been more crucial than now. We hope that you will please consider a special holiday gift so that Bethesda residents, like Richard, have the peace of mind and the security of a forever home at Bethesda.