Year after year, Bethesda provides millions of dollars in assistance to residents who’ve outlived their financial resources—lifting the worry of having to leave their home with Bethesda. One of the most important sources of funds for that effort is the “Hearts for Our Homes” campaign. By contributing to this annual campaign, you’re showing your compassion for residents whose need is great and whose gratitude is even greater.

There are few gifts you can give—here or anywhere—that will bring more joy or relief. You’re literally helping people stay in the home that provides them with everything they need to live their best, most meaningful and active lives.

Open your hearts so our seniors always have a home

Here’s how you can make a huge difference in someone’s life:

We are delighted to introduce you to our 2021 Ambassadors:

Diane Copley, Alton Memorial Rehabilitation & Therapy

Jody Baalman, Alton Memorial Rehabilitation & Therapy

Barb Jackson, Bethesda Barclay House

Jerry Ahillen, Bethesda Barclay House

Sherry Collins, Barnes-Jewish Extended Care

Andrew Schmitt, Barnes-Jewish Extended Care

Kelly deRoode, Corporate

Paula Czarnecki, Corporate

Caitlin Dowe, BHG Foundation

Debbie Schirmer, BHG Foundation

Danielle Kozemczak, Bethesda Dilworth

Arkeycia Page, Bethesda Dilworth

Cathy Clayton, Bethesda Gardens

Mary Cody-Hill, Bethesda Gardens

Erika Roedel, Bethesda Hawthorne Place

Willie Hatcher, Bethesda Hawthorne Place

Amanda Jones, Bethesda Meadow

Charlotte Busch, Bethesda Meadow

Mason Brown, Bethesda Orchard

Jeanette Estopare, Bethesda Orchard

Nicole Carter, Bethesda Southgate

Tina Robinson, Bethesda Southgate

Casey Gerhard, Bethesda Terrace

Nikki Aubuchon, Bethesda Terrace

Chelsea Callender, Village North/Christian Extended Care & Rehabilitation

Adrienne Loyd, Village North/Christian Extended Care & Rehabilitation