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John Norwood

The Norwood Award

John F. Norwood served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Bethesda Health Group for 33 years, from 1965 to 1998. During John’s tenure, Bethesda grew to include six campuses offering a wide variety of acute care and senior services. John served on numerous local and state health associations and professional organizations and mentored more than 40 graduate students in health services management.

In 1998, the Bethesda Board of Directors established the “Norwood Award” to recognize individuals and organizations who have provided distinguished service, vision, and commitment to Bethesda. Mr. Norwood was the inaugural recipient of the prestigious award.


Meet our Norwood Honorees

Norwood Society

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John M Wolff Foundation Norwood Award recipient
John M. Wolff Foundation 2024
Ruthann Wolz
Ruthann Wolz 2023
Theresa Buehler
Teresa Buehler 2022
Joe Brinker and Tom Collins
Tom Collins 2022
Richard Mueller, Jr.
Richard Mueller, Jr. 2021
Dianne Mollet
Dianne Mollet 2020
Fred Perabo
Fred Perabo 2020
Barbara Clements
Barbara Clements 2019
Judy Lindquist
Judy Lindquist 2019
Alphonse Poelker 2018
Robert and Charlene Zinkl
Robert and Charlene Zinkl 2018
Harris Frank with Joe Brinker
Harris Frank 2017
Jeanette Kille
Jeanette Kille 2017
Dave Culver
David Culver 2016
Maude Jeanty
Maud Jeanty 2016
Pat Kapsar
Patricia Kapsar 2015
Cathy Reiss
Catherine Reiss 2015
John Rowe
John Rowe 2014
Juanita Hinshaw
Juanita Hinshaw 2013
Bob Norris
Robert Morris 2013
Earle Harbison
Earle Harbison 2012
Bob Neuenhahn
Robert Neuenhahn 2012
George Clements
George Clements 2011
Mary Lou Hester
Mary Lou Hester 2011
Group of 9 middle aged to late aged people smiling at a camera
The Charless Foundation 2010
Ken Kolkmeier
Kenneth Kolkmeier 2010
Peter Krombach
Peter Krombach 2009
Ray Routh
Ray Routh 2009
Ruth Kohl
Ruth Kohl 2008
James Sertl
James Sertl, M.D. 2008
Margaret Grigg
Margaret Grigg 2007
Marie Zucchero
Marie Zucchero 2007
Joseph Birk
Joseph Birk 2006
Doris Svoboda
Doris Svoboda 2006
Jackie Shillington
Jacqueline Shillington 2005
John Baird
John Baird 2004
James McKelvey
Dr. James McKelvey 2004
Earl Dille
Earl Dille 2003
Mary Hamm
Mary Hamm 2003
Bray Hawk
Dr. Bray Hawk 2002
Arthur Wright
Arthur Wright, Jr. 2002
David Fleisher
David Fleisher 2001
Charles Schott
Charles Schott, Jr. 2001
Robert Drews
Dr. Robert Drews 2000
Gilbert Novotny
Gilbert Novotny 2000
Jeanne Bland
Jeanne Bland 1999
Albert O'Brien
Albert O'Brien 1999