To encourage the Bethesda employees to get their COVID-19 vaccines, Bethesda Dilworth’s Human Resources Manager Alex Reynolds, vowed to shave his beloved beard if the community met its employee vaccination goals.

What you see is the “face” of success. “I enjoy coming up with creative ways to keep my coworkers engaged and in high spirits, something that has been critical over the last two years,” says Alex.

While others hosted raffles and gift card giveaways to incentivize team members to get vaccinated, Michele Kimball, Corporate Director of Clinical Services, had a unique idea for the Bethesda employees.

“Michele suggested I shave my beard as an incentive, and honestly I was hesitant at first,” Alex says. “I realized it would be worth it if more people got vaccinated.”

Word spread, and Bethesda Dilworth quickly surpassed its vaccination goal. Honoring his promise, Alex sat in the barber’s chair in Bethesda Dilworth’s courtyard, and numerous spectators watched as he received a new, beardless look. It had been nearly 10 years since he was clean-shaven.

“Although it was tough to let my beard go, I would do it again,” says Alex. “At the end of the day, it’s about protecting our community and keeping everyone healthy and safe.”

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