After weeks of anticipation, the clinics for the staff, residents and patients working at and living in Bethesda communities to receive the COVID-19 vaccine are well underway.

Per the direction provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the first Bethesda groups that received the vaccine are those who work and live in Bethesda skilled nursing communities. Each community will ultimately host three vaccine clinics for its residents and staff, allowing those who were not able to attend the first clinic to still receive their two doses of vaccine.

As of Jan. 31, the first of the three clinics at each Bethesda community (skilled nursing, assisted living and independent living) for residents, patients and staff will have been completed. The second clinics are scheduled to be completed by the end of February, and the third clinics are scheduled to be completed by the end of March.

Bethesda staff who do not work at a community (i,e, – St. Andrews & Bethesda Home Health, Bethesda Hospice Care, Bethesda Senior Support Solutions) are being vacinated at one of the Bethesda community clinics.

The choice of vaccine at each clinic is not Bethesda’s; rather, it is a decision that is made by the State governments. As a result, Moderna vaccines will be used for all of the Missouri clinics, and vaccine created by Pfizer will be used in the clinic at Alton Memorial Rehabilitation & Therapy.

Regardless of the manufacturer, two doses of vaccine will be required.

Bethesda has partnered with CVS Health to coordinate and administer the vaccine clinics for residents and staff throughout the organization. The dates of the all vaccine clinics are being determined by the team from CVS.

COVID-19 Vaccine Facts and Benefits

Like most senior living, care and service organizations, Bethesda anticipates — and hopes — that our residents and staff are eager to get their vaccine.

For those who want to know more about the vaccine, Bethesda can offer resources from the CDC website that can help.

To learn more about the Benefits of getting the COVID-19 vaccine, click here.

To learn about the Facts about the COVID-19 vaccine, including the reassurance that getting a vaccine will not cause you to catch the virus, click here.

On Feb. 9, the CDC provided updated guidance regarding improvements that you can make to your mask for increased effectiveness. To access that guidance, click here.

Bethesda will try to continually provided access to updated information from the CDC regarding the COVID-19 vaccines. To access the CDC’s Jan. 8, 2021, communication entitled “Interim Clinical Considerations for Use of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Currently Authorized in the United States,” click here.

COVID-19 Vaccine Myths and Rumors

Despite the fact that none of the COVID-19 vaccines are manufactured using the live coronavirus, there are those believe that they will catch COVID-19 if they receive the vaccine.

This is just one of the many myths and incorrect assumptions about what could happen if you get the vaccine.

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services developed a page on its website to dispel those Rumors and Myths. To access that web page, click here.

Keeping Track of the Bethesda Clinics

Bethesda sincerely thanks all who have adhered to the guidance and protocols, as we will not be successful in eliminating the virus without your participation.

To see photos from the vaccine clinics, click here for the Bethesda Facebook page, or go to the community page of your choice on the Bethesda website (under Our Communities) and click on the Facebook icon directly under the main photo.