Whether you’re in patient care or the corporate office, you’ll find Bethesda is a warm and welcoming place to build your career. We’re featuring the stories of team members whose ambition and motivation have led them to incredible heights with us.

Today’s post features Felinna Love, who was recently promoted to General Manager at our Village North Retirement Community. Felinna started as a temporary employee at Bethesda, but after experiencing our culture, she knew she was in the right place to build her career.

Bethesda Health Group: Felinna, you’ve been with Bethesda for a few years now. What do you remember thinking about the company during your first few weeks?

Felinna Love: I joined Bethesda in 2016 as an Administrative Assistant to the Chief Information Officer and the Senior Vice President of Senior Living. I didn’t know much about the company when I first started, but I fell in love with it just a few months into the job. I remember thinking that it was so different from everywhere else I had worked. All the things they talked about, like growth opportunity and a family culture, felt very real to me.

BHG: How do you describe the culture at Bethesda?

FL: I’ve always thought the culture here is about building relationships, working hard and having fun. I started in the c-suite, which people may assume is a cold environment with unapproachable people. That couldn’t be further from the truth at Bethesda. All the executives here made me feel at home from day one. They are so passionate about their employees and are always looking for ways to make work fun. It really makes me feel good about working for the company.

BHG: What do you think makes Bethesda different from other companies?

FL: I think Bethesda is truly focused on promoting from within and helping people build long-term careers. Our managers are very good at recognizing talent right away and presenting our employees with opportunities to grow their skillsets, go back to school or achieve new positions. I know so many people who have been with the company for years and have grown their careers exponentially.

BHG: We talk a lot about teamwork at Bethesda. How do you create a team-oriented environment in your community?

FL: My leadership style is all about empowerment and accountability. I always want to give my team the tools, training and resources they need to do the best job possible. I love when I see different people coming together to solve challenges.

I also want people to feel very connected to the work we’re doing, because it can go unnoticed or unappreciated by some. I offer a lot of words of encouragement to my team and pass along every compliment I get, because people deserve to know when they’re doing a good job.

BHG: What do you love most about working at Bethesda?

FL: My favorite thing to do here is serve my residents. They are the reason I come to work. They are my second family. Some of my residents don’t have families of their own, so it’s my job to do everything in my power to support them. Every day that I get to see them, talk with them and laugh with them is a day well spent.

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