You have decided that adult day care is right for you and your loved one. Now, the next step is to get to know the staff before you commit. Both you and your loved one should feel comfortable with the staff at your chosen adult day care program and know that they will always provide quality support and care.

The recommended minimum staff-to-participant ratio at adult day care is one to six. While this number can differ from state to state and level of participant impairment (like dementia), most operate with the following staff available:

  • Center director
  • Registered nurses or licensed practical nurses
  • Activity staff
  • Program assistants

Center Director

The center director is in charge of ensuring that the adult day care program runs smoothly and takes care of any issues that may arise. Duties of the center director include:

  • Supervising staff
  • Developing programs
  • Ensuring regulations are followed

Registered Nurses or Licensed Practical Nurses

A registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse is on-site to monitor participant health and make sure that any necessary medication is taken. Along with a social worker, on-site nurses work with your loved one’s individualized care plan.

Activity Staff

Activity staff works with the center director to bring new and fun activities to all adult day care participants. From arts and crafts to gentle exercise, adult day care activity staff works to make the day fun and engaging.

Program Assistants

Program assistants at adult day care help with the everyday goings-on from socializing with participants, to making sure that everything is clean and organized.

You and your loved one should be able to build a healthy relationship with adult daycare staff. Regular communication between participant, staff, and family helps ensure that your loved one is getting the best care possible.

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