Respiratory Therapy – Seven Days a Week!

For many, respiratory therapy is almost the “forgotten therapy” as compared to physical, occupational and speech therapy.

At Bethesda, however, we place respiratory therapy right at the top of the list, because we understand how vital it is for all of our rehab patients to increase their lung capacity and strength before they are discharged to wherever they call home. Regardless if the rehab is resulting from a respiratory ailment (pneumonia, COPD), a heart procedure or a fall, respiratory therapy is integral to recovery.

That’s why when it comes to respiratory therapy at Bethesda, we never take time off. We offer respiratory therapy seven days a week for our patients, and that therapy is administered by experienced licensed respiratory therapists, not nurses. We are proud that, to our knowledge, we are the only one program in the St. Louis area to be offering that unique combination.

Our Services

The services provided by our team of respiratory therapists and aides include:

  • An identification of breathing difficulties – both at rest, after moderate activity, and after performing activities of daily living
  • Breath sound assessments
  • An analysis of diet, swallowing and chewing difficulty
  • Sleeping abnormalities
  • Capillary refills
  • Review of skin integrity and edema

Our respiratory therapists will assess each patient’s needs, including oxygen, medication therapies, airway clearance modalities and airway interventions. They will also provide education on breathing therapies to maintain optimal respiratory function.

The Goals

The ultimate goal is for all of our rehab patients to be discharged to their homes, thereby avoiding a return trip to the hospital, and to enjoy their lives without becoming reliant on any breathing instruments. That’s what we want, too. And through our unique respiratory therapy program, our team will help you:

  • become more independent
  • breathe easier
  • pursue your daily activities (housekeeping, driving, climbing stairs)
  • regain your ability to socialize with family and friends
  • (slowly) start an exercise program

Each of our six skilled nursing care communities provide respiratory therapy services.