Your Cash Gift. A simple donation with a profound affect.

A simple, outright donation by check or credit card is the most direct way to give to Bethesda. And you can advise us exactly where and how you want your donation directed.

If you itemize your federal tax return, your gift qualifies for a full charitable deduction. A payment towards a multi-year pledge is also deductible in the year that you make the contribution. Finally, check and credit card gifts are deductible up to 50% of your adjusted gross income for the taxable year. Here’s more good news — the excess is deductible during the next five years.

Matching Gifts deliver unmatched impact.

If you or your spouse work for any of the many businesses or organizations that make matching gifts to Bethesda (click to see the list), your gift can do twice as much good. To multiply the impact of your donation, simply request matching gift information from the Community Relations or HR Department of your employer. Then, provide that information to us when make your gift. Your employer may require you to register online with their matching gifts program.

A Bethesda Resident Account keeps your generosity close to home.

If you live in a Bethesda community and want to make a gift, just contact the General Manager or business office at your community. They’ll arrange for your contribution to appear on your monthly Bethesda statement. No checks, fund transfers or credit card transactions are required. And your contribution is fully tax deductible.

Make your arrangements today by contacting your community’s General Manager.