Simple Ways to Prepare for a Healthy Fall.

Simple Ways to Prepare for a Healthy Fall

The crisp air, shorter days and changing leaves are letting us know that we are entering a new season. Fall is here! This time of year is a perfect time to have a fresh start to working on your healthy habits. Continue reading for tips on how to prepare yourself for a happy and healthy fall season.

Top 10 Healthy Living Tips for Seniors This Fall

As the amount of sunshine decreases and temperatures drop, many people experience feelings of depression and sluggishness. Appetite cravings might change to dense foods high in carbohydrates and calories, and physical activity tends to decline. All of this can lead to lower energy levels. Follow these healthy living tips to break out of this cycle this fall.

Fall Foods & Nutrition Tips for Senior Diet Plans

One change that often happens around the fall season involves our eating habits. When the cooler weather hits, it's common to choose comfort foods, which often contain more fat and sodium. Check out these fall-inspired nutrition tips to help you stay well  throughout the cooler months.

Autumn Exercise Tips for Physically Active Seniors

It's easy to maintain diet and fitness goals during the sunny, fun days of summer. But, once there is a chill in the air, it's easy to find yourself snacking more and working out less. It's important to come up with an autumn workout to maintain your fitness level in the cold months. These fall exercise tips should help you get started.

Lawn Care Checklist for Seniors Aging in Place

From cleaning the gutters, to digging in the garden - seniors aging in place can use this lawn care checklist to safely manage their lawns this fall.

Cold-Weather Fire Hazards: What Seniors Should Know

Did you know that the cold-weather season increases home fire hazards? This is because of the use of fireplaces and heaters. Take a look at these tips and tricks to maintaining safe fires and heating at home.

Warm Beverages to Keep Seniors Hydrated and Healthy This Fall

In the fall, dry air can cause dehydration - even though we don't feel thirsty. Luckily, these tasty and nutritious warm beverages can help seniors stay hydrated and warm your belly this fall.