Tips for finding the right retirement community.

Making the Move: Tips for Finding the Right Retirement Community

Making the move to a retirement community is a big decision that requires plenty of careful thought and planning. With so many things to consider, it can be hard to know where to start.

Whether you are coordinating the search for an aging parent or looking for yourself, check out these articles to help find the ideal community!

Finding the Right Retirement Community

Retirement living communities have different "personalities" that match the wants and needs for their tenants. Here are some tips for finding the community that supports the lifestyle you want.

Tips for Touring Senior Living Communities

Whether you're visiting in-person or viewing a virtual tour, there are many things to consider when touring senior living communities. Check out these tips for touring retirement communities to ensure the best possible choice for the future.

Questions to Ask Before You Move Into a Independent Living Community

Visiting a retirement community may feel overwhelming. How do you even know where to start? What to ask? Check out these questions to ask as you search for the place you want to call home.

15 Tips When Moving to an Independent Living Community

Experts say that moving is a "high-stress" life event. We know there can be a lot of emotion that comes with a move to senior living. In addition to the emotional aspect of the move, there is also a daunting physical aspect - the actual move itself. Follow these tips to stay organized as you downsize.

How to Prepare a Home for a Quick and Profitable Sale

Selling a home that belongs to a senior loved one can be a trying process. To ensure you are not leaving any money on the table, check out these tips.