Learn how to prepare for your best summer yet. 

Staying Safe in the Outdoors this Summer

With summer in full swing, more people are getting outside and enjoying the sunshine, green grass, and blooming gardens. Whenever you have the chance, try to get outside to breathe in some fresh air. You can challenge your friends to a game of pickleball, have a picnic, or just sit back and relax with a cool drink.

Enjoying the outdoors is especially important for older adults due to an abundance of physical and mental health benefits. We have provided activity ideas and healthy ways to stay safe while exploring the outdoors this summer.

How Older Adults Can Stay Active in the Heat

Summer is here, which means that more older adults are getting outside to enjoy their favorite activities. The rising temperatures and exposure to direct sunlight cause a certain number of risks, however. Learn how older adults can take the proper precautions to stay safe in the summer heat while still having fun.

The Benefits of Gardening for Seniors

For seniors who enjoy the outdoors and getting exercise, gardening can be an ideal activity. Learn about the extensive list of benefits that gardening provides for the physical and mental health of seniors, especially in the warmer months of the year.

Enjoy Summer with 9 Outdoor Activities

Summertime is about enjoying favorite outdoor activities and good company. Drinking plenty of water and wearing appropriate clothing are a few essential tips for spending time in the heat. Take note of these nine fun activities seniors can pursue and enjoy during the summer. 

The Importance of Senior Hydration

Summer temperatures put seniors at a high risk for dehydration. As the human body ages, it goes through changes as a natural part of life. These changes can affect daily water consumption, increasing the risk for dehydration. Read on to learn the physical consequences and warning signs of dehydration.

The Benefits of Getting Out in Nature

Being surrounded by nature provides many physical and mental health benefits. Breaking up the day by getting some Vitamin D from the sunshine has proven to increase happiness and eliminate fatigue. Going for a walk or eating lunch outside are simple yet easy ways to spend more time outdoors. Continue reading for specific ways older adults can benefit from being outdoors.