No matter our age, we all strive for and enjoy our independence. 

Celebrate Your Freedom

As the years go by, many older adults find themselves increasingly protective of their independence. It may feel like one of the few things they can control, especially when memories fail you at the most inconvenient times or joints refuse to cooperate.

Independence allows us the freedom to take control of our lives and focus on what is important to us. How you maintain your own independence, or help elderly family members remain independent, differs from person to person. Continue reading for tips all geared toward preserving senior independence.

Tips for Supporting Seniors While Encouraging Their Independence 

How do adult children help their older loved ones maintain their independence without risk to their health and safety? Try these tips to help seniors remain independent. 

Keeping Seniors "Behind the Wheel" with Safe Driving Skills

As we get older, our vision and ability to react quickly may affect our driving ability. With these tips, however, many senior drivers are able to stay behind the wheel for a longer period of time.

Being a Part of the Senior Workforce

You enter the labor force, you work until a certain age, and you retire. Or maybe you don't. More and more people are working into their later years - a trend that is expected to continue.

Seniors with Limited Mobility Can Vacation, Too!

If you have limited mobility, the thought of taking a vacation can be daunting, even if you have someone to help. But, the good news is that accessible travel is doable - it just takes a little bit more planning and research in advance.

Fun Activities for Seniors that Enable Independence 

No matter your age, enjoying what you are doing is beneficial in many ways. Check out these fun activities for seniors, which support independence and help bodies and minds stay strong.

Therapy Services Restores Independence of 100-Year Old Woman

100-year-old Kate Jenks worked with Bethesda's Therapy Service staff to regain her livelihood after a severe injury, and returned home to independence. Continue reading  to learn more about her story.