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Bethesda Introduces a New Resource for Seniors and Caregivers

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Retirement Myths vs. Reality: What You Need to Know

Moving from a home that you have lived in for decades can challenge anyone’s ability to be open to something new and different. Retirement “myths” might be the only knowledge you have about this next phase of life, which is why it is essential to debunk them before you choose to take the leap.

Independent Living Amenities You Can't Get at Home

A common misconception exists that senior communities are only for long-term care. It’s one reason many older adults don’t consider moving to a retirement community until they need care. That perception, however, can mean missing out on the numerous benefits of independent living. Check out the amenities that only life in a retirement community can offer.

The Importance of Social Distancing for Seniors

The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically shifted the way we interact with each other. Social distancing is one of the few known ways to reduce the risk of contracting, or spreading, COVID-19. The CDC recommends that high-risk groups, like seniors, take extra care to protect themselves. Learn more about social distancing and how it can help seniors stay safe.

Keeping Seniors Safe as COVID-19 Restrictions Loosen

We know the stakes for COVID-19 are far higher for senior adults, particularly those who have underlying chronic health conditions. According to the CDC, eight out of 10 deaths attributed to the virus in the U.S. have been adults 65 years old and older. Yet after weeks or months of self-isolation, some seniors may begin to waver in their commitment to the physical and emotional challenges of remaining in their homes.

Stretch Out and De-Stress with Easy to Perform Restorative Yoga

When you hear the word “fitness,” you probably think of lifting weights and cardio workouts, but fitness can also extend to the mind and spirit as well. Those are the often-neglected areas where we can, and should, build mental and emotional strength. Learn about restorative yoga, which provides these benefits to those of any age.

Enjoy Summer with 9 Outdoor Activities for Seniors

The warm weather typically brings many opportunities for older adults to get outside and have some fun. Going outside encourages light exercise and promotes socializing, both important parts for a healthy senior lifestyle. Following social distancing and mask-wearing guidelines, please check out these fun activities, and follow our summer senior safety tips!