Social connection is the key to long-term well-being.

The Importance of Social Connections As We Age

Staying connected to friends and family plays a valuable role for seniors in their quest to maintaining a high-quality life. Families provide a consistent social network, and maintaining strong relationships with friends can be a good boost for aging hearts and help the body resist disease. Feeling connected, especially in an increasingly isolated world, is more important than ever. Read on to see how social connections impacts quality of life and why it should not be overlooked.

The Important Roles of Senior Family Members

The importance of family in a senior's life is truly immeasurable. Regular interactions with family members can boost the mental, physical, and emotional health of older adults. Learn how family can have a direct impact on their overall quality of life in seniors.

How to Keep Seniors Connected with Family and Friends

Do you worry that your senior loved one spends too much time alone, and may be suffering from isolation? Learn about the many ways friends and family can stay connected and provide social support, and in turn create meaningful interactions with your senior loved ones.

How to Make New Friends in Your Senior Years

Despite everything we know about the importance of maintaining social connections as we get older, finding friends after age 60 can be a challenge. Check out a variety of options you can pursue to make new friends as you age.

Seniors with Pets are Healthy and Happy

Throughout much of human history, pets have provided people with companionship and, in some cases, four-legged assistance. While pets are not for everyone, they can be a great source of joy for many people. For seniors, they can provide even more, helping seniors stay physically and emotionally healthy. 

How Caring for an Aging Parent Affects Family Life

Caring for elderly parents can have a major impact on your home life. Learn how caring for parents in their senior years might alter your home life and help you find ways to prepare effectively.