It’s always a great time to visit your loved one, but if you’re searching for a special occasion, look no further than celebrating Grandparents Day at a Bethesda retirement community, assisted living community or skilled nursing home community.

“Grandparents Day is important to our residents because they don’t often have the opportunity to celebrate or spend time with just their grandchildren,” said Eudora Williams, Activities Director at Bethesda Meadow, a skilled nursing home community located in Ellisville, Mo. “On this day, it reminds our residents they are a valuable part of the family; someone with wisdom and proud to be a witness to the next generation of children being raised within their family.”

Grandparents Day at Bethesda Meadow will take place 2-4 p.m. on the afternoon of Sunday, Sept. 10. It’s a day full of ice cream sundaes and fun activities for seniors and their families, like board games, card playing, and coloring. A volunteer pianist will play a few tunes as well.

Benefits of Celebrating Grandparents Day

  • Children have an opportunity to show their appreciation and love toward their elders
  • Grandparents feel valued and are reminded of their importance to their family and friends
  • Young people are inspired to come together with seniors to learn about their history and lives to bridge the generational gap
  • An opportunity to create a positive memory of their grandparents – or great grandparents –for young children
  • Allows seniors to learn about the lives of children today

Ideally, Grandparents’ Day will inspire families to visit their loved ones on a more regular basis. According to Leslie Simon, Volunteer Coordinator at Bethesda Meadow, there are few things that residents living in a skilled nursing home community look forward to more than a visit from the people they love the most.

“A seemingly small action produces big results in brightening the day and comforting another person, and that’s something that makes the visitor as happy as the senior resident.”

Studies show that regular visits with family and loved ones dramatically increase the quality of life for older adults. They’re healthier and happier and have a better outlook on life.

Reasons Why Family Visits Are Good for Seniors

  • Checking in on seniors is the best way to keep tabs on their health
  • Visits with loved ones help remind them of pleasant memories which make them feel good
  • Family Visits can be especially helpful to stimulate the memory of dementia patients
  • Gives you a chance to say “I love you” or “thank you,” things that make people feel special and important that we can never say too much
  • Keeps seniors socially connected with their family and the world outside their door.
  • Gives our loved ones peace of mind that we’re making sure they are being well cared for

Be sure to visit your senior loved ones this Grandparents Day, and schedule a tour at a skilled nursing home or independent retirement living community near you to learn about the fun activities that are provided for our residents and their families year-round.