As more and more “baby boomers” approach retirement, fewer are moving to Florida or somewhere “warm” to retire. Rather, they are choosing to remain where they currently live, and while there may be many advantages to moving for retirement, it is very clear that there are many advantages to staying at home.

St. Louisians experience many benefits to choosing a St. Louis independent retirement community, including:

  • Familiarity with your surroundings
  • Having your friends and family near
  • Not moving all of your belongings to a new city

Familiarity with Your Surroundings

Familiar surroundings may be the most popular reason that retirees choose a St. Louis retirement community. Being familiar with your surroundings provides a great sense of security and comfort. Not having to learn the layout of a new city, or new restaurants, shops, doctors, or pharmacies, makes life easier for someone recently retired.

Having Friends and Family Near

Who doesn’t want to live close to their grandchildren and watch them grow? Additionally, having adult children nearby can assist with:

For many, the thought of having to meet new friends is sometimes scary and may seem like a daunting task. Many retirees prefer to live in a St. Louis retirement community near their group of friends.

Not Moving All Your Belongings Out of Town

To some people, the thought of moving is the worst possible thing. Moving can be a very involved and stressful process. For those that have a home full of belongings, it can be a challenge to move everything to a retirement home in their community, not to mention to a residency outside their hometown.

Fortunately, older adults in St. Louis have many outstanding options if they are considering a move to a independent retirement community or assisted living community.

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